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Patricia Robbins, MA
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

License Number: IL180.006081

People seek a therapist for many different situations, needs, and goals. It is a very personal endeavor. I believe the best connection, and therefore the best outcome, occurs when there is a good fit between the client and the therapist.

How does one decide? As with many professional relationships, it is a combination of intuition or feel, a match of one’s needs, and the therapist’s qualifications. Most of us also prefer convenience of location and affordability.

Let me tell you briefly about myself: I enjoy working with people of all ages, gender, and background. I am empathic, energetic, interested, and have a sense of humor. I have an active style of engagement – listening, reflecting, encouraging, exploring, educating, and at times, challenging a thought or view. I believe that it is a privilege to hear others share their lives – their struggles, fears, hopes and dreams.

Patricia Robbins, Counselor, MA, LCPC

Some commonly addressed areas in my practice include:

Loss / Grief:

Loss comes in many forms over our lifetime. Of course, loss of a significant person in our life is the height of pain and change. Yet loss is also experienced in divorce, break-ups, chronic health problems, work shifts, and financial or lifestyle changes. Sometimes, the process of adjusting to our aging brings with it a loss or shift in identity. Moving to a new area is yet another type of loss. During these times it’s key to provide support, acceptance, and reflection as well as hope and encouragement.

Depression / Sadness / Discouragement:

Much is researched and written regarding feelings of hopelessness, self-criticism, lack of energy and the healing role of clinical support. In therapy, my clients have a place to share their thoughts and feelings and, if appropriate, consider options to become “unstuck.” Movement into a new place of well-being is not one-size-fits-all. It requires careful attention to a person’s history, present situation, goals, needs, and expectations from self, life, and others.

Anxiety / Worry:

Life and loved ones come with many demands and requirements. While everyone experiences periods of stress, sometimes our concerns can become chronic worry and anxiety that affect our sleep, appetite, physical health, work, social interactions, and general enjoyment of life. In therapy, we explore what is contributing to these very uncomfortable feelings, which may even include panic, and work to identify options and alternatives to issues that seem out of control.

Relationship Concerns:

Whether we are looking for a new relationship, having difficulty in a current relationship, or just feeling uneasy with the relationship we have with ourselves – it may be time to share our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs confidentially with an objective party. Some common themes related to these concerns are self-esteem, expectations from life and others, communication, boundaries, mutual respect, and hope.

Personal Growth / Coaching:

As individuals moving through life, we find some things are within our control and some very important areas are not. Life is change, and is often easier with a flexible, creative, compassionate, and optimistic view. In a supportive environment, clients have an opportunity to reflect on their life – their dreams, desires, and talents – and take steps toward their future.

It is my hope that I have conveyed a bit of myself and my work to you. I encourage you to contact me with your comments and questions.

You may call me at 630.640.1885 or send an email to PRobbinslcpc@gmail.com
to schedule an appointment.

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Patricia Robbins, Counselor, MA, LCPC - Chicago - West Loop, IL

You may call me at 630.640.1885 or send an email to PRobbinslcpc@gmail.com
to schedule an appointment.